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5th Grade Information 

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Welcome to Fifth Grade!!!!!!!!

Parent Information:

This is going to be a great year for your child! We are excited to be here. It is very important that we make sure we do everything possible to help your child be successful. Our most valuable tool will be open lines of communication. The following are ways that we will provide communication to you concerning your child’s progress:


1.     All students are required to record their daily assignments in their planner. These books are provided by the school and are to be carried home each day. Planners should be checked every night by the parent to stay informed of upcoming events, tests, and homework.

2.    The first school day of every week your child will bring home class newsletters, updated grade log, weekly conduct/work study grades, and any other pertinent information in their test folder. Please set aside time the day the folder comes home to review the papers. Sign the conduct card and the grade log, then send the folder back to school the next day.

3.    No tests will be sent home, unless a parent signature is needed. It will be the responsibility of the student to record their test grades in the quarterly test log as the teacher reviews the test with the class. If you would like to see a specific test, please schedule a conference with your child’s teachers.

4.    We are always willing to speak with you concerning the educational needs of your child. Please call the school at 865-0900 between 7:45am and 2:30pm and we will return your call as promptly as possible or email us at

Math and Science, Mrs. Warren –

Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies Mrs. Miller –


Your child should have homework every night, Monday through Friday. Homework does not always mean written assignments. Daily homework includes completing assigned written homework, going over class notes covered in class/studying for tests (3 subject notebook), and read for 15-20 minutes in an AR book. Students always need practice on multiplication and division time facts! Students will be graded weekly on timed drills. It is important to encourage your child to spend time at home working and reviewing each day.

Student Responsibilities:

When absent:

1.      Each student is responsible for getting assignments completed on time.

2.      It is the responsibility of the student to review a friend’s planner about any notes/work/tests that needs to be made up due to illness or early dismissal.

3.      If a student will be missing class for an extended period of time, assignments may be obtained with a 48 hour notice.


4.      Your child is responsible for the choices they make. We will lead your child to make the right choices this year but we must work together to teach them to continue to make the right choice.   Behavior can keep your child and the children around them from learning. We cannot and will not accept that! There will be a weekly conduct/work study sheet into your child’s test folder at the beginning of every week. This is the conduct/work study grades from the previous week. If you get a note or phone call from one of us, we are expecting your support from home to handle the situation so that it does not become a constant problem in the classroom. Your support is needed throughout the entire year. We have to work together to make this a problem free year for your child. These are the steps that we will take in the classroom if your child breaks a rule:

1.      Warning

2.      Sign the Behavior Book

3.      Loss of Privileges

4.      Note to Parents

5.      Call Parents

6.      Referred to Office



5.      Your child is responsible for knowing when tests will be. They should prepare themselves for all upcoming tests by studying and completing homework.


Many of the tests given are state or county mandated tests and are not allowed to leave the school. If there is a specific grade on your child’s test log and you would like to see the test, just set up a conference time with us and we can arrange to go over them. We use the Mobile County number grading scale:


Grading Scale:  A=100-90; B=89-80; C=79-70; D =69-60; E=59 and below

Reading = Major grades, 60 % (unit tests, major projects, standards-based-mastery assessments, ect.) and Minor grades, 40 % (quizzes, class work, journal writing logs, ect.)

Language Arts = Major grades, 60 % (writing, grammar/mechanics) and Minor Grades, 40 % (speaking/listening, spelling, handwriting, ect. )

Math = Major grades, 60 % (tests, major projects), Minor Grades, 30 % (quizzes, math journals, class work, ect.), (basic time fact drills, homework) 10 %

Science = Major grades, 60 % (tests, projects) and Minor Grades, 40 % (quizzes, lab work, classwork, ect.)

Social Studies = Major grades, 60 % (tests, projects) and Minor Grades, 40 % (quizzes, map skills, ect.)

 *Each subject is broken down into major grades and minor grades. **Teacher choicemay be projects or assignments.

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