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Bachelor of Science:  Elementary Education   University of South Alabama

Masters of Science:  Elementary Education     University of South Alabama

Educational Specialist:  Gifted Education        University of South Alabama


My first teaching job was at the Little Red School House Dauphin Island Elementary. I taught third and fourth grade.  After two years there, I followed my principal to Hollinger's Island Elementary, where I taught fourth grade.  I became interested in gifted education and decided to go back to school to get my educational specialist degree in gifted.  For the next couple of years I traveled around Mobile County and did many gifted tasks and met many wonderful educators and parents.  I did a lot of work at Alba Elementary/Booth and even had Booth PACE students travel to Breitling to have their gifted classes.  Now I am totally based at Breitling and only help a little bit at other schools-wherever there is a need.  I love my job and look forward to seeing "my kids" every day!


     Hi - I'm Ms. Webster.  I teach the PACE classes at Breitling Elementary.  PACE stands for Pursuing Academic and Creative Excellence. I love teaching PACE because the curriculum is different each year.  I get to learn right along with the students!

     I have lived in Grand Bay all my life, and I love being able to work in this community.  I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees in elementary education at the University of South Alabama. Most recently,  I earned an educational specialist degree in gifted education. 

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