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Spirit Sticks on Sale- Nov. 8
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Spirit Monkey Spirit Stick Logo
Spirit Monkey Spirit Stick Logo

The next spirit stick sale will be on Wednesday, Nov. 8 during PE. These fun collectibles have been a hit with all of the students!! Thanks for all of your support!  We are well on our way to having that new playground!!!!! We want to keep them motivated to achieve greatness in everything they do while at school.  Below is a price list of items that are sold during PE every other Wednesday.  We will add new spirit sticks and other fun items regularly to keep it fun for the students.  For more information and pictures of these items, follow us on Facebook:  "Breitling Elementary PTO 2017-2018".  All proceeds from our spirit tick table will go directly to the playground fund.  Thank you in advance for your continued support!

~~~ Breitling PTO


Spirit Sticks $1.00

Emoji Mystery Spirit Stick Packs- $1.50

XL Happy Birthday Spirit Stick- $2.00

Keyrings- $0.25 (every child will need one of these for their spirit sticks)

Scented Pencils- $1.00

Pencil with Monkey Topper- $2.00

Spirit Monkey Pencil Pouch- $3.00

Spirit Monkey Notebook- $3.00

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